Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reclining Form, Moore

Henry Moore's signature form is that of the reclining form. Take a look:

Moore's interest in this form began when he saw an exhibit in the Lourve featuring a Toltec-Mayan figure in a reclining position. The first featured picture in this entry shows something similar to what he saw. His first sculptures of this form concentrated more on mass (once again, made clear through the first featured picture). He later began to explore the space involved in that position, and not just the space around it but through it. As in the last two, it is clear that there is an act of reclining occurring, however it is segmented, divided by empty space. Still, the influence of the body is clear through the form itself and the identifying body parts he features, whether they be breasts, knees, or heads. 

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