Friday, December 10, 2010

Liberty Leading the People, Delacroix

This painting celebrates the July Revolution of 1830 with seized the control from Charles X. She is a direct symbol of what the revolutionists were fighting for: LIBERTY. The word was constantly on their lips and Delacroix simply personified the concept into an embodiment of strength, but a figure that one could love and desire to defend--that of a woman. She carries a French bayonet and the tri-color flag, France's flag today, but at that time is was the rallying symbol for the revolution. Delacroix sticks with his well-known and revered romantic tradition by placing Liberty at the top of a pile of bodies that have perished for the cause, yet leading more forward. It speaks to the sacrifices of many already, but the necessity and ability to continue until the end result is finally achieved. While the painting depicts extended struggle and a continuation of the journey, Delacroix painted it in a moment of victory and cemented his spot in artistic fame forever.

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