Friday, December 3, 2010

Meditating Buddha from Ghandhara

This Buddha, like so many others depicting this same founder of the Buddhist belief system, has much meaning simply in the way the Buddha appears. His hand position is Dhyana mudra, meaning he is intensely focusing. The lions at the corners of his seat represent his wealthy and royal lineage. The bun of hair on the top of his head denotes great wisdom. Many also say that the style of his hair speaks to the warrior culture from which he came since warriors did not cut their hair. The mole in the middle of Buddha's forehead is one that is quite distinctive among the Pakistani renditions of Buddha. On the low base upon which he sits, in-between the two lions, is Buddha, four followers, and a Bodhisattva--a person who is seeking the path of Buddha to enlightenment but while also seeking it for himself, he seeks it for others as well. 

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