Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mercenaries, Golub

These powerful images by Leon Golub are from his collection entitled Mercenaries. Social issues have always been points of interest in his art, having run the gamut from race/hate crimes to the Vietnam War. In the 1980s when Golub created this collection along with others, his focus was acts of terrorism and injustice. It wasn't just a statement on war anymore, but how racial inequalities, sexual ambiguity and inequality, and extreme violence are continuing to permeate society on all different levels. These paintings on linen show the larger, international/military perspective, but he also created pieces that focused on the atrocities of gang wars happening on our own streets and the prejudices harbored within one's own home. While many of his pieces are extremely difficult to look at, his rawness delivers the message that isn't always broadcast through our news outlets to incite his audience into action and rebellion against the growing prevalence of these negative issues. 

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