Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last Judgment, Gislebertus

The Cathedral of St. Lazare in Autun, France is the home to the sculpture and relief work of Gislebertus. His scene of Final Judgment is found over the main entrance or portal into the church, a very direct reminder to be on one's best behavior. Within this one relief, there is Jesus sitting in Heaven enthroned surrounded by angels. He is flanked by his mother, the Virgin Mary and his apostles cast as penitents and observers of the last judgment. St. Peter guards the gate to heaven and looks on as resurrected individuals attempt to squeeze in with the assistance of the angels. The weighing of souls is also taking place, reminiscent of the Egyptian afterlife process, as St. Michael the Archangel and the Devil wait for the final results, placing them into two categories following--the redeemed and the damned. The artist has inscribed his signature, claiming that "Gislebertus made this."

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  1. It would be highly rewarding to compare this with the HELLMOUTH and LAST JUDGEMENT, very large murals, of the Angamaly Church of Kerala-Prof. George Menachery