Friday, December 10, 2010

Easter Island Moai

Everyone's heard of them. And everyone wonders how they got there. 

Here's one belief as to how these monoliths were moved to their locations: 

These massive statues carved from the rock of Easter Island easily weigh 75 tons and surround the border of the island. They are believed to represent the ancestors, now deified, of the indigenous peoples of the island. They convey the importance the Polynesian cultures placed on the head. The heads are three-fifths the size of the bodies of these sculptures and receive much more detail than the rest of the body. Expressions can even be discerned from each individual sculpture. It has always been a question as to how they got to their resting places. Legend among the people there (unsurprisingly) gave credit to the gods for helping them move their creations. However, the movie link above sheds some light on a theory that is growing to be widely excepted. Check it out.

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