Sunday, December 5, 2010

Madonna with Long Neck, Parmigianino

Madonna with the Long Neck, huh? More like Madonna with the long everything and the genetics to pass it on to the Christ child. 

Mary is clothed in high-class robes and fabrics. Her status is also enhanced as her shape and size are distinctively larger than than all of the angels coming to worship and revere the Christ child. It's an unusual image altogether. Mary appears too opulent and almost disconcerted with the child, glancing down at the abnormally large baby in the moment preceding a possible fall. The angels are all crammed into the left of the painting instead of evenly distributed throughout. However, that reasoning may seem more clear. Parmigianino may have wanted to give the impression of massive amounts of praise and rejoicing and so putting six into a smaller space instead of six spread throughout a large canvas creates that effect more, well... effectively. 

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