Thursday, November 11, 2010

Woman Holding A Bison Horn

Found in France, scientists believe this piece of art dates back to around 25,000-20,000 BCE.  Her face is not featured in detail but this is believed to be for the purpose of applying this symbol to all women. Her feminine parts are highly exaggerated, leading most to draw the conclusion that she was a symbol of fertility. Many even believe that the hand over her womb signifies this act of womanhood and could also be resting on the faint outline of a child. The message of fertility is echoed in the horn she is holding. There are many possibly reasons behind the horn itself and the interesting markings on it, not typical of a real bison horn. The horn itself could be a sign of plenty, a precursor to our modern notion of a cornucopia. The notch marks, numbering thirteen, could be a way of tracking time, as well as one's menstrual cycle. 

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