Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crucifixion Mosaic and the Galway Cathedral

On our Art & Culture journal list, there is an item listed as Crucifixion Mosaic in the Church of the Domitian. Unable to find a picture of this said art, I opted to feature a crucifixion mosaic that I have seen myself. Though not as ancient as this other mosaic may have been, it is still amazing and absolutely breathtaking. 

In this picture that I took, the absolute exquisite detail is not visible. The small tiles that were used to create this luminous work will astound any onlooker--they are so tiny and this mosaic is so massive. It is such a combination of opposites to compose one of the coolest, most stunning pieces of religious art I've been privileged to behold in person. This mosaic is located in the Galway Cathedral in Galway, Ireland. In fact the entire cathedral is a work of art. The altar and communion railing glitter in gold and is polished devotedly after every service by women of the town. The entire church glitters with stained glass windows, gold touches, polished wood, and my favorite, the connemara marble floors. 

Yes, those are my Chacos. But please take note of the exquisite floors that gleam with the flash of my camera. This marble is no longer used for such massive projects because its quantity is limited and it's extremely rare. It is only quarried in Galway. 

Architecturally speaking, the Galway Cathedral is quite unique. It's not your typical European cathedral. But, it still inspires the reverence of its parishioners and speaks to the devotion of the people of Galway. The building of this massive, artful (and albeit expensive) cathedral was completely funded by the donations of the dedicated Catholics that Ireland is so populated with. I'm lucky to have been able to take it in myself.

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