Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Line in Scotland, Long

From Richard Long's Website

Richard Long's work is extremely interesting. It is created from nature, out in nature, while he is experiencing nature. He constructs using the materials from the area around him, crafting the sculpture as he spends time outside or while he's even on the move. They are markings for other explorers to see, to be enjoyed by those taking similar paths, as if he is upgrading the usual pile of stones or marked trees that aid hikers and campers to continue in the right direction. Below is a sample of some of his work. I love it :)

A Line in Scotland

making Paddy Field Chaff Circle
Warli Tribal Land
Maharashtra India 2003

Karoo Crossing
A Fifteen Day Walk in the Locality of Guarrie Berg
South Africa 2004

A Walking and Running Circle
Warli Tribal Land
Maharashtra India 2003

A Line Made by Walking
England 1967

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