Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kharfre Enthroned

 These pieces are stiff and inhuman in their rigid posture and angular sculpting, but the goal of the Egyptians was to create a sense of permanence--an understanding that that person immortalized in stone was literally not going anywhere. The method worked!

-Made from diorite stone, quarried in the south and often times in other countries
-Artist drew on each side of the stone the views that would go on each respectively 
-Chiseled away excess stone until all the planes met at right angles, this work was done by apprentices
-This is called the subtractive method of sculpture because you start with a large 
piece of material and you take away from it as opposed to attaching other 
elements to it.
-Sculpted in more detail the body of the pharaoh, this work was done by the master
-To get the finish on the stone shiny and smooth, the stone was grinded or rubbed down, method of abrasion  

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