Friday, November 19, 2010

Bronze Zeus

The Bronze Zeus is another bronze sculpture discovered off the coast of Greece, presumed to have sunk in a ship wreck during ancient times.

Again, this is a piece that focuses on physical perfection. As a god, it was expected to be in the best physical condition and full of youth and vigorous strength. The position that this sculpture takes is one of impending action. However, it is this pose that has drummed up controversy over the years. Is he Poseidon or Zeus? Is he throwing a lightning bolt or a trident? Most have come to believe that this is indeed Zeus, because the length of a lightning bolt is shorter and would therefore not collide with his head as a trident most likely would. 
To add to its remarkable appearance, this statue is completely free-standing, made possible by the well-hidden additional support placed under the flattened left foot in the heel region. 

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  1. We were discussing this sculpture today in my mythology class. and My professor agrees its Poseidon... I though it was Heracles or someone...