Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kritos Boy

 The Kritos Boy is a piece of Early Classical sculpture from Greece that shows the growing understanding Greek artists were gaining when it came to the human form.

Like some of the Egyptian statues we've seen so far, this boy is standing in contrapossto as well. However, it is not as rigid but a much more natural stance. There is a relaxed bend in his knee as well as a corresponding shift of the hips. Even from the back of the sculpture, one can see the relaxation of the right buttocks and the S-shape that the spine acquires when such a "crooked" stance is taken on. The "archaic smile" as seen in the Calf-Bearer has been replaced with a much more realistic portrayal of the lips. The ribcage seems to be breathing, in a natural state of expansion. The Kritos Boy was a marked step in the right direction for more accurate construction of the human body.

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