Wednesday, November 10, 2010

USA’s Most Wanted, Komar and Melamid

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what America wants in a piece of art: 

A good amount of work went into making this painting. Scientists polled the American people via telephone and asked them a series of questions, a survey usually amounting to 24 minutes long. All the statistics on polling these individuals was followed to a tee, making sure that the best results could be analyzed and put into a painting. They were asked what they liked to see in a piece art and other similar questions. From the information they received, the picture above was created. The artists came away with the result that Americans prefer landscapes or outdoor scenes and not so much of the modern genre of artwork. But, they also found that Americans didn't hold such strong opinions towards what art they like and what they did not like. Not many Americans had very specific preferences and felt that their judge of "good" art would depend on numerous other factors. 

As you can see, the America's Most Wanted painting does indeed feature a realistic landscape scene, completely with some signs of human life. The size of this painting is that of a dishwasher, size being another aspect of the survey that Americans were asked about. George Washington even makes an appearance, although I believe this to more of a joke than an actual fulfillment of survey requests. While some knock this painting and declare that it shows Americans' poor taste in art, upon researching, one would find that not many other countries had differing end results. (Check it out for yourself HERE) While it may not be mind-blowing in ingenuity or uniqueness, it is still a pleasing picture, similar to so many others on this blog. I don't think it's anything to throw against Americans or any country. Just because it's mainstream and seen before, doesn't make it bad. 

For those curious, this is America's Least Wanted: 

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