Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stone Enclosure, Nancy Holt

Copyright Nancy Holt
This structure which sits on Western Washington's campus is two ring walls, one enclosed by the other. Each wall features circular windows and arched doorways. The design and materials of this project are linked directly to nature. The stone used is schist stone, a stone from nearby British Columbia that has a luminous, sparkling quality in the sunlight. The ring was plotted on celestial patterns, using the north star as its guide. The four arches are situated at the four points of the compass.

Fun Fact: Nancy Holt is the wife of Robert Smithson, the creator of the Spiral Jetty. Apparently eco-art and earthworks are the recipe for a long and healthy marriage. 

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  1. did you know that robert smithson is dead though? and has been for quite some time. just thought you may want to know since the way you were talked about him made it sound like he is still alive. it is a shame he is not.