Thursday, October 7, 2010


Located in Wiltshire, England, Stonehenge strikes awe in most of its viewers as well as questions about its creation. Believed to be erected around 2500BCE, this huge monolith's purpose is constantly questioned and investigated. Thanks to recent archeological finds of cremation remains, most scholars support the hypothesis that the structure was used as a burial sight and one of community. The supposed mingling of these two aspects, life and death, speak to the importance of Stonehenge as central to whatever group of people erected it. 

To some, Stonehenge is a mystical site built by druids or aliens of whose reasoning is unknown. Personally, I am simply amazed at the architecture of the structure itself and the skills of the people that made it. Additionally, the amount of time they spent crafting it was remarkable since most scholars believe that the monolith could have been in the works from 2500 up to 3000 BCE. 

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