Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Diving/Fishing Mural (Etruscan Wall Mural)

Found in the Hunting and Fishing Tomb at Tarquinia, this mural is one of lively color and energetic action. The fact that they were found in a tomb speak to the importance that these scenes may have had to the Etruscans as part of the afterlife or as representations of happy memories of this earthly life. In this scene much action is taking place: fishing off of the boat while sailors also try to bring down birds in flight with their slingshots. 

A similar fresco has been found in a Greek Tomb called the Tomb of the Diver, but this work actually predates that one. It has led scholars to conclude that the Etruscans, artistically speaking, actually set some of type of precedent on their own and did not simply take from other cultures. 

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