Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Serpent Mound, Ohio

The Serpent Mound is a earthen work that stretches 1,370 feet in the curving body of a snake. It is believed to be created by an indigenous culture, but there is debate as to which one it was. The Serpent Mound's form (height and width) works with the contours of the land, an advanced concept to calculate for the people of this time. Despite all its mystery and unknown, the way in which this monument works with the land is something that artists now are beginning to pick up on in the emergence and growing popularity of eco-art that works with the environment and using its elements as its tools of creation. It stands as a unifying element between man and nature--one of a positive nature. The mound, in its complexity and magnitude, gives off the impression that it is a mound in which to revere this animal and whatever symbolism it contains. 

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