Thursday, October 21, 2010

Leonardo da Vinci's Journal Drawings

Leonardo da Vinci's journals' (numbering over 5,000 pages) were filled with fantastic drawings of scientific ideas and imaginative scenes. His drawings detail the construction of many machines and contraptions that we use today and his in-depth look at human and animal anatomy were completely accurate and monumental in furthering our understanding in the human body and its harmony and functions. His journals were composed in mirror-image cursive; scholars suppose this is for secrecy as well as possibly being an effect of him being left-handed and he found it easier to write in that direction.
Leonardo's drawing of a dissected uterus and the deceased unborn baby 

Leonardo's wildly famous Vitruvian Man 

His detailed examination of the arm 

A study in horses

Something quite unusual, a glimpse into Leonardo's humorous, creative mind: a woman playing a unicorn like a piano

Fantastical drawings of dragons

A study in cats, but with a tiny dragon thrown in among the array

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